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Easy Billing Software

Easy Billing Professional was conceived to be a leading edge medical billing software program. Easy Billing Inc's products are designed to work across the spectrum of medical environments, including but not limited to, Medical Offices, Pathology Labs, Physical Therapy Clinics, Chiropractors and Billing Services.


Easy Billing

Easy To Use, Save Your Time

You pick customer & item info, EasyBilling finishes layout, pagination & the rest. The documents are ready to print and send to your customer.All the documents can be exported into PDF, HTML & Excel format.

Different Types of Document

EasyBilling software provides different types of document, include: Quotation, Proforma Invoice, Tax Invoice, Invoice, Receipt, Purchase Order, Delivery Note, Packing Slip, Ordering, Packing List, Credit Note, and Debit Note

Fit Business Needs

EasyBilling Documents can be customized to fit your company. You can have your own logo, header, footer, label, color, etc and set the look and feel for the documents. EasyBilling allows to show/hide optional fields (e.g. tax, shipping, discount).

Sales Info and Report are Always Ready

Comprehensive reports allow to view the records by month, or by customer. Monthly statement for Invoice is also available. You can get a overall picture on the sales or payment events with ten types of report



Easy Billing Feature

Document Preparation is Quick and Easy

  • Automatic document numbering
  • Customer & Item info can be loaded from pre-defined list
  • Tax/VAT, Total Amount will be calculated automatically
  • Photos and PDF files can be appended to the document
  • Signature image can be added into document
  • Stamp with highlight words: URGENT, COPY, REVISED …
  • Export document to PDF, HTML, or Excel format

Email document as attachment

Just one click, doucment will be converted into PDF file and add to Email as attachment. Documents can also be exported into HTML or Excel format.

Customize to Fit Company Needs

Set with your own header, footer and logo. You can also set the numbering pattern, rename the document label and adjust the colors/shadows to fit your business. Item List Columns and fields like Shipping, Discount, Tax, Sub-total are optional. Support multiple tax rates and tax calculation can be made against total amount or other tax amount.

Comprehensive Report

Sales and payment information can be traced globally, monthly or by customers. Monthly Statement can be generated for customer, which lists the invoice number and transaction amount per month. Raw Data Export can export every fields in the documents into excel format. It can exports every fields into excel file for further analysis.

Support Multiple Companies

Documents, Reports and Company Settings are stored in a workspace. Create multiple workspaces to handle data from different companies.

Connect & Share Database from Different EasyBilling

Different EasyBilling can be set to use the same Workspace folder in network drive/shared folder. Data can be shared between EasyBilling in different computers. To protect from data conflict, Database is locked for single connection and other EasyBilling will be blocked from access at the same time